Rooting your device – Get the Most!

Arti Root AndroidWhat is Rooting?

Rooting is the Android equivalent of jailbreaking, a means of unlocking the operating system so you can install unapproved apps, deleted unwanted bloatware, update the OS, replace the firmware, overclock (or underclock) the processor, customize anything and so on.

Of course, for the average user, this sounds like — and can be — a scary process. After all, “rooting” around in your smartphone’s core software might seem like a recipe for disaster. One wrong move and you could end up with bricked handset. Another thing to note is that, if you go ahead and root your device, you will void your warranty.

Disclaimer: Just be sure you do your research well and be careful if you decide to unlock your phone’s full potential by rooting. As mentioned above, these procedures can void your warranty and/or brick your handset. No one but you will be responsible, should it come to that.


Having said that, there are a few compelling reasons as to why you should root your android phone. In our personal opinion, the pros surely do out-weigh the cons. Let’s get down to the reasons,

  1. Be free of Bloatware

The first benefit of rooting is full control over the applications installed on your handset. No longer do you have to keep the OEM pre-installed apps that take up space and consequently are of no-use (I mean how many of us actually use them). This is especially important in low in-built ROM phones like the Moto E (1st Gen). You can instantly cut the bloatware and keep only the apps that you really want.

  1. Complete Backup’s

This brings me to the next major benefit of rooting your phone which is improved backup and restore options. Yes, you’re right in saying that google automatically backup’s your data to the cloud. Though it can back up some of your settings and app downloads, it is not really a true backup; it’s just a list of things for the phone to download and change.

You will need root access to do a complete backup and restore everything the way it was. This is essential if you are someone who likes to experiment with the android OS on your phone. “Titanium Backup” is a very popular option.


  1. Custom ROM’s

If you want to move past the stock Android on your phone, there are tons of other customized ROMs offering unique features and improvements to the default Android experience.

You might of heard of the biggest names, like Lineage OS, Resurrection remix and MIUI, to name just a few of the most popular ones. Many custom ROMs are actually at the forefront of innovation on Android, offering several features that aren’t available anywhere else.


  1. Over-clocking & Under-clocking

Remember when all phones were slow? Well, not all, but they all needed that extra push. A very popular thing to do among root users was overclocking the processor to make things faster. Even mid-end smartphones are pretty fast now, so there is not much of a need, but some of you may still want to speed things up.

But even if over-clocking is no longer as popular, you will find that altering processor speeds is definitely convenient. Got a super powerful phone and want to save battery? Why not underclock the processor? Sometimes we don’t need all the power our specs have to offer, and we could really save resources and extend the phone’s life.

  1. Absolute Personalization

Although there are options to tweak themes and what not that don’t require rooting, usually through third part launchers such as Apex and Nova, rooting gives you access to the important files needed to make changes in folders that are usually hidden from users. Access to the /system/fonts folder allows users to install and replace custom fonts.

You can also flash zip files from Recovery to install themes too. But if all that folder browsing isn’t for you, there are also some great root-only theme applications to choose from.



We update on various unlocking and rooting tutorials. We also provide guides on installing custom ROM’s for your devices. Follow us to stay up-to-date on further tips and tricks.



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